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Why Variable Data Printing is KEY

Why Variable Data Printing is KEY

Is your direct mail campaign lacking something? I don’t know about you, but when I open a letter and it says “Dear Elena” I am more likely to keep on reading then if it were to say “Dear Valued Customer.” I have never liked the “Valued Customer” salutation. To me it sounds so strange and so common that it is rather meaningless these days.

You lose that personal touch whenever you generalize a letter for hundreds or thousands of people. Your customer also loses that feeling that they are valued and that you do appreciate their business. This is why Variable Data Printing is Key. When you personalize your direct mail you are essentially engaging your customer. You are almost guaranteed to see a better ROI because your customer is more likely to keep reading the letter instead of throwing it away as junk mail.

Here are a few ways to make your mailing campaign as effective and efficient as possible by using Variable Data Printing:

  1. Determine who your target market is. You need to figure out who or what is going to be your ideal customer. Not knowing who you should be sending your direct mail to is a sure fire way to see a low ROI.
  2. Collect Customer Data on a regular basis. THIS IS THE BEST TYPE OF LIST YOU CAN HAVE. You are obtaining the information of your customers that you know are interested in your products.
  3. Measure and Analyze…..and then repeat. They key to success is to keep on testing everything. Testing is essential for anyone looking to increase the effectiveness of their campaign and grow their business
  4. Customization. VDP helps cut through all of the noise your customer is bound to face with Direct Mail by letting you customize your direct mail piece specifically for them. Since VDP helps reduce the noise significantly it will in turn help to increase your ROI.