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From grassroots campaigns to grand stages, our Finishing & Mailing Center leverages Political Direct Mail to get your message to voters quickly. Be it flyers, brochures, letters, or postcards, we ensure your voice reaches the right audience.

Why Finishing & Mailing Center for your political mailer?

  • Targeted direct mail without limits
  • Latest technology for quick 1-day turnaround
  • 25+ years serving America’s best brands
  • Millions of political pieces mailed per year
  • HIPAA compliant

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    Direct Mail Expertise

    Specializing in Political Direct Mail, Finishing & Mailing Center guarantees the delivery of impactful political mailings within just one business day. Our approach personalizes each communication, from flyers to postcards, ensuring your message deeply resonates with each voter. With our advanced list procurement, we fine-tune your audience targeting, aligning perfectly with your campaign’s demographics and goals. Ready for next-day mail? We’re here to make it happen.

    Comprehensive Campaign Mail Support

    Beyond just printing and mailing, we offer end-to-end Political Direct Mail campaign support. From the initial concept and design to the final printing and distribution, we handle it all. Our comprehensive service ensures your political message is crafted, targeted, and delivered with precision, freeing you to focus on your campaign’s core objectives.

    Extend Your Reach with Digital Add-on

    Boost your campaign’s effectiveness with our Political Direct Mail Digital Power Up. This innovative service amplifies your message, enhancing direct mail with a 23-46% increase in response rates. By integrating your campaign across digital platforms, we ensure a unified message that extends your reach and impact.

    political direct mail postcard example - maria littleton

    Multi-Channel Political Engagement

    Maximize your campaign’s visibility with our omni-channel marketing strategy, part of our Political Direct Mail services. By following up direct mail with targeted social media ads, we connect with 90% of interested voters who visit your website. Our strategy includes personalized ads on Facebook and Instagram, boosting your message’s visibility and engagement among your target audience.

    Precision Targeting with Advanced Tracking

    Track your campaign’s reach with our advanced tracking capabilities. By embedding custom pixels on your campaign site, we gather crucial data, converting website visits into actionable insights. This allows for refined targeting in your ongoing Political Direct Mail efforts, enhancing future outreach and engagement.

    political direct mail postcard example - john johnson

    Integrated Campaign Solutions

    Choose Finishing & Mailing Center for enduring Political Direct Mail solutions that blend traditional effectiveness with innovative digital strategies. Our goal is to make your political campaign resonate with voters, ensuring your message not only stands out but also drives significant, measurable results.

    Ready to Use Finishing & Mailing Center For Your Campaign?

    Choose Finishing & Mailing Center for a comprehensive approach to political campaign marketing. Elevate your outreach, engage your audience, and drive success with our integrated direct mail and digital solutions. Start making a bigger impact today with a free quote for your campaign.


    You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. 

    What is Political Direct Mail?

    Political Direct Mail involves sending targeted, personalized mail pieces such as flyers, postcards, brochures, and letters directly to voters’ homes. It’s a strategic approach to communicate your campaign’s message, platform, and values directly to the electorate.

    How does Political Direct Mail benefit my campaign?

    Political Direct Mail allows for precise targeting, enabling you to reach specific demographics, geographic areas, or voter segments with tailored messages. This personalized approach increases engagement, helps sway undecided voters, and boosts voter turnout for your campaign.

    Can you handle urgent mailings?

    Yes, our Finishing & Mailing Center specializes in fast-turnaround mailings. We can craft and deliver compelling political mailings within one business day, ensuring your message reaches voters in a timely manner.

    How do you ensure my mail reaches the right audience?

    We utilize advanced list procurement services and variable data printing to customize each mail piece. This allows us to target voters based on specific demographics, interests, and voting history, ensuring your message resonates with the intended audience.

    How do you track the success of a Political Direct Mail campaign?

    We employ advanced tracking capabilities, including custom trackable pixels and analytics, to monitor engagement and response rates. This data allows us to refine strategies and provide you with insights on campaign performance and voter behavior.

    What type of Political Direct Mail can you produce?

    We offer a wide range of options, including postcards, flyers, brochures, letters, magazines and more. Each piece is designed to engage voters and convey your campaign’s message effectively. No job is too small or too large for us. Whether you’re sending out 5,000 postcards or 5 million, we use state-of-the-art equipment, like the Heidelberg UV-LED instant dry technology to quickly complete your direct mail project while exceeding all quality standards and deadlines.

    What to say on a political postcard?

    Crafting the right message for a political postcard involves highlighting key campaign messages, candidate values, or calls to action in a concise manner. Focus on impactful statements, how the candidate will address specific issues, and clear instructions on how voters can support your campaign, such as voting dates and registration information.

    From political mailer templates to custom political mailers, what options are available?

    Finishing & Mailing Center offers a range of solutions from ready-to-use political mailer templates for quick campaigns to fully customized mailers designed to uniquely represent your campaign’s message and brand. Our team works with you to select or create the perfect design that resonates with your target audience.

    Can you provide political mailer examples?

    Yes, we can share a variety of examples from previous campaigns that showcase different styles, messages, and formats. These examples can serve as inspiration and help you visualize the potential of your own political direct mail campaign. For over 25 years, we’ve been serving some of America’s best known brands and have printed millions of political pieces mailed each year. 

    How much does political mail cost?

    The cost of political mail varies based on factors such as the size of the mailing, the complexity of the design, the type of mailer, and postage rates. We offer competitive pricing and work with you to create a campaign that fits your budget, ensuring cost-effective solutions without compromising on impact. Each campaign is unique to your needs and with our ability to print in unlimited quantity, we can provide a quote for your specific scenario, just give us a call or contact us on the form above. 

    What is targeted direct mail?

    Targeted direct mail is a strategy that involves sending mail pieces to a specific segment of the population based on criteria such as demographics, voting history, interests, and other factors. This approach ensures that your message is more relevant and engaging to the recipients, increasing the likelihood of a positive response.

    Do you operate on a national and international scale?

    Yes, our services extend nationally and internationally, allowing us to dispatch mail across the country and beyond on a weekly basis. For select clients, we also manage international mailing needs, ensuring your campaign’s message is heard far and wide. We are local to Dallas, Texas and can reach your audience all over the DFW metroplex, Texas and beyond. 

    How do you offer unbeatable postage rates?

    Through our extensive industry experience and relationships, we’ve secured highly competitive postage rates. We believe in passing these savings directly to our clients, ensuring you receive unparalleled value from our services without compromising on quality or reach.