Getting that Competitive Edge for your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

You are always looking for that competitive edge with your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign. You can get that competitive edge on your next campaign by using variable data images customized to each individual prospect (as we have talked about before in Variable Data Printing is Key). You could also get your market’s attention by using differently shaped postcards or UV spot coatings.

There are many ways to get your direct mail piece noticed.

Last week ADWEEK ran an article focusing on a company that took their direct mail to the next level. Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse wanted to increase their chances for their prospects to pay attention to their Direct Mail Flyer. What Bulk Cat Litter Warehouse did next to their bulk mailing is so creative and genius that the internet has been buzzing about this for days.

They decided to soak their direct mail flyer in catnip. The cats went absolutely crazy for it! In the video posted on ADWEEK you can watch as cats go into their owner’s bags and take out the flyer to play with it. This causes the owner to actually see what the postcard is about and in turn increases the chances that a prospect will turn into a sale.