Print Advertising Is Alive

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, and 2 Years From Now!

I have a photo of Santorini Greece sitting on my desk to remind me to plan the Trip!

Print is the Future!

It is clear that Print Advertising has evolved over the last 20 years, and no one can deny the rise in on-line advertising. However, Paper Advertising is alive and well and continues to have the greatest impact for the dollars spent.

I was asked to expand upon the significance of Printing in today’s market, and I thought I would address the concern by walking through a typical day in almost anyone’s life.

Yesterday, I stopped by my 81 year old father’s house to pick up coupons he had been saving. I had told him I would pick up some groceries for him when I went to the store, and he wanted me to use the coupons that he had. When I stopped by I went through them and noticed that some had expired more than 2 years ago. He had actually held on to them that long, expecting to make the purchase and keeping the coupons in the back of his mind until I came by. He was adamant that they were still good—the store would take them. Like the good son that I am, I obliged him and was actually able to use them at the store.

In this example: Print Advertising was working more than 2 years after it had been intended.

While at the store I noticed a printed sticker on one brand of hot dogs that allowed me to save immediately $1.50 at check out if I bought that brand of hot dogs instead of my normal brand. So, learning from my dad, I quickly added hot dogs to the grocery list and racked up more savings. Print Advertising again worked on an Immediate Transaction for the Day. While checking out, I noticed a flyer advertising $10 off on the admission to a local amusement park and I picked it up anticipating a trip in the not too distant future.

Again, Print Advertising was working to sell a Future Purchase.

When I returned home, I stopped and picked up the mail. There were numerous advertisements hawking lawn maintenance, pool cleanings, termite control, etc. Yes, Summer Chores were almost here and I was going to need help!

I filed those important advertisements away for future use in the not too distant future!

Lastly, there was an advertisement for an Exotic Trip to Greece! There were the crystal blue waters staring me in the face—Ancient Greece Awaited! There was a web site listed. So, I logged onto my computer and sent off for some brochures on a Guided Trip to Greece. My wife and I had an anniversary coming later in the year, and I wanted to look more closely at the various options. Soon, brochures would be heading to me in the mail for me to sit and drool over, and there was a coupon good for $100 off if I purchased soon.

Print Advertising would pay off again—if not this year, then maybe a year or two from now!

I hope their $100 coupon is still good in 2016! Print advertising lasts and endures far past its expected life. It acts as a mental jog that cannot be obtained on line. It is welcome and in front of a customer’s face 24 hours a day, 7 days a week forever (at least until they throw the offer out). The shelf life far outstrips the 5/10th’s of a second e-mail advertisings last on my i-phone.