Ever wonder what the difference is between different classes of mail?

Deciding which postage class to send out your mailing can be confusing.

You might wonder what exactly is the different between first class and standard class mail.
Cost and Delivery time are the most important factors between choosing to send your mail via First Class Mail or Standard Mail.

The cost of First class is the same price you would pay if you were to purchase a stamp at the post office. However, if your mailing exceeds 500 pieces you are eligible to receive discounted rates and your price per piece can drop as your quantity increases and you meet pre-sortation specifications.

First class mail is typically delivered between 1-3 days locally and 1-5 days nationally. One of the reasons you might choose to mail first class is that it takes priority over standard mail. So the delivery time is much more consistent than standard mail.

Standard Pre-Sort Mail, which is also known as bulk mail, is more cost efficient than first mail. With Standard mail you are able to drop the price per piece of your mailer as you meet various postal requirements. These requirements range from the quantity you are sending out, size regulations, location, to pre-sortation standards. Standard mail is typically mailed between 4-8 days locally and 10-14 days nationally. However, these times will vary especially around busy holidays since first class mail will take priority.

As you can see there are definite pros and cons to sending your mailer out via first class or standard. If your mailing is time sensitive and you would like it to arrive on a specific date then paying the extra postage and going with first class for the extra reliability might be best for you. But, if you have planned ahead and have more time to send out your mailing, Standard Mail might be for you so you can save on your postage costs.

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